Last night's "farmer's market" dinner was inspired by a trip to Sicily (to which we hope to return some day):

Fresh (locally made using bronze dies!) conchiglie pasta with Sicilian eggplant, orange cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, and an entire bunch of scallions.

Sauce seasoned with crushed red pepper, rosemary (too much, but still delicious), and loads of flat-leaf parsley.

Bread made by a local bakery, and filled with briny green olives and Za'atar, and was soft and savory. Big winner. 1/2


One of our favorite Nero d'Avolas too, which was a nice complement to the bold flavors in the pasta sauce.

I can't be certain as we don't know the ingredient list of the bread, but this may have been an 'accidentally vegan' meal too. 2/2

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