Do I need to have played Linux 1–5 in order to understand Linux 6

OH: “… when we started working on the data ingest pipeline, we found out he’d been keeping all his lab data in PowerPoint.”


“Years of it.”

“… I don’t even know what you do for a living, it hurt to be standing next to you when you said that.”

Finally wrote a post that's been stewing for a while: What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

Many researchers, entrepreneurs, open source sustainability commentators, et al. assume that GitHub activity is a reasonable proxy for FLOSS as a whole. It's not.

Goes over some examples, a marketing graphic that made my eyebrows go up, research about how unrepresentative GitHub can be, and some tools to try.

So I ended up simmering it for longer than planned (nearly a day!) and using an immersion blender to puree it because some of the tomato pieces were not going to break down on their own.

The result is that I have five 12oz/354ml jars of 'dark and brooding' homemade ketchup :)

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3 pounds of red onions are being caramelized in the slow cooker tonight. Tomorrow they will be joined by 6 pounds of chopped tomatoes and various other ingredients which will then be cooked for the day to turn into jam.

Some seriously delicious grilled cheese and tomato-onion jam sandwiches are in our future.


"While there are still a lot of open questions, we are aiming for a physical FOSDEM 2023. It's both exciting and scary."

@hyperlinkyourheart @molly0xfff A friend of mine used to make homemade tomato paste, it was shocking how little was left after starting with giant container of tomatoes.

@ehashman Recently we tried grilling some and basting with mango-curry sauce. Amazeballs.

I finished a 5 part series on how to run an e-mail server in 2022 with all the DKIM/SPF/DMARC stuff working. It's not a simple HOWTO series, but it does explain all the moving parts. So if you're interested to learn a bit about modern e-mail - you're welcome! Starts here:

@webmink Still, after so many years of not being the leader in any real aspect of the 'game'.

what a headline.

LUNC has "pumped 70%" from around $0.00009 to $0.00015.... after plunging to fractions of a cent from $80–90 in May

Since I enjoy the texture and flavor of chicken eggs steam-boiled for ten minutes (starting with cold eggs), how long should I cook duck eggs to get the same result?

Heads up! @plex data breach. I always recommend @jellyfin for your media streaming.

A quick google search says it would take a monk about 15 months to copy the Bible, so if you could average two bibles per day with a Gutenberg press, that would be about 1.5 kilomonks.

another quick plug for those of you checking twitter as you start your week:

i've launched a patreon and a newsletter! has more, and some exciting things coming up.

thanks so much for your support 💙

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