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If Andrew Yang's zero-idea third party gets into a debate thanks to Yang’s repetition of slogans, the other candidates should mine this Alexandra Petri satire piece.

That cooking adventure yesterday was making scratch #pasta and then forming up some #tortellini. The results were pretty tasty.

It's hard to go wrong with home-made pasta.

cis people will literally call a car “she”, then claim that pronouns are about biological reality.

I hope Alex Mashinsky and other Celsius executives have to read every single one of these letters.

Inspired by @ehashman I will also occasionally post food pictures here.

This was last weekend's shrimp curry (without the use of curry powder/blends) over rice with toasted coconut. Naan was store bought, I ran out of time to attempt my own... this time.

After making curry from scratch I now understand why Indian kitchens have such a large quantity and variety of spices.

Learned dissertations about the compatibility of FRAND terms with Open Source licenses may be academically interesting, but their aren't relevant. All SEPs in standards intended to be implemented as Open Source must be waived or freely pre-licensed, or the standard won't be implemented.

Was fressen Mastodons eigentlich?

Vermutlich keinen Kakao oder Vanille wie bei diesen Keksen?

#mastodon #cookies

and last but not least


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and of course

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move at a moderate pace, and consider the consequences of your actions

Boosts appreciated :ablobcatenjoy:

The country of my birth…

The so-called “clones” problem in app stores is well studied in #FOSS policy circles. We took a moment to write up the basics of the trademark-based approach usually applied to build solutions for the problem:

A must read to understand what #forge #federation is about and what is going to happen.

The "State of the #Forge #Federation: 2021 to 2023" report was published today on the @forgefriends blog. It contains a retrospective of what happened in the past year and explains what is likely to happen in the next twelve months.

This is important. Very, *very* important.

Like, "human extinction"-level important.

> John Deere’s decision to build ag-tech that can be remotely controlled [and] disabled, along with its [total monopoly], means that anyone who compromises its system puts the world’s food-supply at risk.

> John Deere has extraordinarily terrible information security.

This is great. So, so great.

💩🧹 I don't know how I've gone this long without hearing about Brandolini's law, but today I learned.

Have you been wondering what to do next as #Microsoft's
continues to ramp up their proprietary #CoPilot — ignoring the software rights implications of it? Join our public discussion; minutes from the Committee's meeting are posted for your review:

Lots of understandable concern today as #Microsoft #GitHub announced their new #Copilot availability today. Probably worth a reminder that @conservancy has convened a working group on #ethics, #licensing, and other related issues, especially for #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource contributors.

Perhaps you or others may want to join or read more?

Boosts welcome! :boost_requested:

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